You will find here a series of summaries providing an overview of useful accounting regulations, processes and accounting issues for Doing Business in Thailand.

TFRS 16 Leases

The August 2018 newsletter of the Federation of Accounting Professions (“FAP”) has stated that the Government Gazette is set to announce a tentative draft of TFRS 16, and this standard will be effective for annual reporting periods beginning on or after 1 January 2020.

TFRS 2, ‘Share-based Payment’

Accounting for share-based payments under TFRS 2 is complex. In this article we look at one common scenario involving a performance related share incentive granted to the company’s management.

Capitalising Borrowing Costs

What is the accounting treatment when an entity incurs further costs on existing fixed assets? When should it be expensed and when can it be capitalized?