Medical certificate for work permit applications

Under the Emergency Decree on Managing the Work of Foreigners, all foreigners working in Thailand, including those entitled to work in Thailand under the law on investment incentives, the petroleum law, and other laws (such as the industrial estates law), who apply to obtain or renew a work permit in Thailand, must submit a medical certificate certifying that the applicant does not have the following conditions or diseases.

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11 September 2019

  • Mental illness or mental infirmity;
  • Leprosy, tuberculosis (at the infective stage), drug addiction, alcoholism, elephantiasis (at the symptomatic stage), or tertiary syphilis.

Therefore, the Foreign Workers Administration Office issued a letter dated 16 August 2019 to the Director of the Foreign Expert Services Division of the One Stop Service Center to recap the understanding of regulations on obtaining and renewing a work permit under those specific laws, and to request that they require foreigners who will obtain or renew work permits to submit a medical certificate issued by a hospital in Thailand. This certificate must be issued no earlier than 1 month before the application.

For more information, please visit the Foreign Workers Administration Office website

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