IFRS 9 Postponed to 2015

IFRS 9 Postponed to 2015: The first part of the new IFRS 9 published in 2009 on the classification and measurement of financial assets set forth mandatory application for annual reporting period beginning on 1 January 2013.

Keywords: Thailand, IFRS, International Accounting Standards Board, IASB, IFRS 9

The basis of conclusions for IFRS 9 suggests that the IASB intends to propose a single effective date for all phases of the project to revise IAS 39. It also indicated that the Board might postpone the effective date for IFRS 9 to bring it into line with the application date for the future standard on insurance contracts.

Noting that the original timetable for the impairment, hedging and insurance contract projects was not feasible, and after taking into consideration the stakeholders’ comments received during the consultation on dates of application, the IASB postponed the effective date for IFRS 9 to annual reporting periods beginning on 1 January 2015.