Uncertain tax positions

The IFRS IC has decided to draw up an interpretation on the accounting treatment of uncertainty over income taxes (as defined in IAS 12).

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23 December 2015

The Committee was asked for guidance on when a tax asset should be recognised if an entity is required to pay an additional charge to the tax authorities following a tax examination, but intends to dispute this additional charge.

In the November 2014 IFRIC Update, the IFRS IC presented some observations and tentative decisions relating to the proposed future interpretation.

After presenting its draft interpretation to the IASB in April 2015, the IFRS IC decided to expand the scope of the interpretation to all tax assets and tax liabilities covered by IAS 12, including deferred tax assets and liabilities.

On 21 October 2015, the IFRS IC published the draft interpretation Uncertainty over Income Tax Treatments. For more information, please read the exposure draft.        

Comments on the draft interpretation should be sent to the IFRS IC by 19 January 2016.