BOI Compliance After Obtaining the Promotion Certificate

Once an applicant has obtained the Promotion Certificate from the Board of Investment (‘BOI’) Office, the promoted company must comply with the following conditions:

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1) Continuing implementation of the project

The promoted company must submit the project progress report and confirm that the project is continuing be implemented after 6 months, 1 year and 2 years from the date of issuing the promotion certificate.

2) Obtain full operation start-up certificate

To apply for the license to start operations, the promoted company must have the completed the construction, installed the machinery and equipment and the factory must be ready to start operations within 36 months from the date of issuing the Promotion Certificate. Otherwise, a letter must be sent to the BOI office to request an extension to complete the implementation.

3) Annual report

After obtaining the license to start operations, the promoted company must submit the financial status and project operation result (TorSor 310 Form) every year within 31 July.

4) Corporate income tax holidays

The promoted company with a corporate income tax holiday can exercise their tax holiday even though the company has not yet obtained the full operation start-up certificate.

For more information, please visit the Board of Investment website.