Changing a Company’s Registered Address

A company planning to change its registered address needs to ensure that it allows sufficient time to notify the relevant Thai government authorities.

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25 March 2013

For instance, the company must notify the Revenue Department (‘RD’) at least 15 days before the relocation.

Further, a company which moves to another province must amend its Memorandum of Association (‘MOA’) which in itself requires a Board of Directors’ Meeting to call a Shareholders’ Meeting in which a special resolution is passed to amend the MOA.

However, a company that will not move province can register the relocation at the Department of Business Development without amending the MOA.

It is also important to consider that any documentation to be provided by the landlord of the new registered address should be prepared will in advance of the relocation date.

For more information, please visit the Department of Business Development and the Revenue Department.