Establishment of a “Welfare Committee”

According to Section 96 of the Labor Protection Act B.E. 1998, the employer with 50 employees or more at their place of business must establish a “Welfare Committee” at that place of business within 30 days of reaching the 50 employee milestone.

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1) Member of the Welfare Committee: At least 5 elected employee representatives. The Committee shall hold office for 2 years  and can then be re-elected.

2) Powers and duties of the Welfare Committee:

2.1) To jointly consult with the Employer for the purpose of providing welfare to the employees;

2.2) To give advice and recommendations to the Employer regarding the provision of welfare for the Employees;

2.3) To inspect, control and supervise the welfare arrangements provided for the employees; and

2.4) To make comments and propose guidelines on the welfare arrangements for the benefit of the Employees to the Labor Welfare Committee.

3) Frequency of Meetings: Every 3 months (quarterly) or upon request by more than half of the total number of the committee members or the labor union with appropriate reason.

4) Primary welfare: The Employer shall provide primary welfare to the employees: clean water, restrooms, medical supplies,  first aid room, nurse, doctor and a vehicle for taking employees to hospital.

Further, the employer should provide welfare in accordance with the agreements it has mutually agreed with the employees.

Note: Place of business means a head office or branch office where the number of employees reaches at least 50.