Increasing Skilled Labour Standard Wage

On 1 March 2012, the 18th Central Wage Committee unanimously approved the proposal to increase the skilled labour standard wage. The wage increases range from 11.7% to 42.9% in six job categories.

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The wage increases vary depending upon the required skill level, starting from Baht 320 to Baht 775.

Job Categories


New Wage Range


Wages increase by Baht 85 for all skill levels

Baht 360 to Baht 590.

Service sector

Wages increases by 39.5% for all skill levels

Baht 400 to Baht 720.

Electrician (electronics and computers)

Wages increases by Baht 100 for all skill levels

Baht 400 to Baht 600.

Industrial skilled workers

Various wage increases.

Baht 400 to Baht 775.

Construction workers

Wages increase Baht 85 for all skill levels.

Baht 345 to Baht 605.


Various wage increases.

Baht 320 to Baht 750.

The purpose of increasing the skilled labour standard wage is to lift the wage ranges for the six job categories to be above the new standard minimum wage (Baht 300 / day).

The wage increases were announced in the Government Gazette on 29th March 2012 with effect from 1st April 2012.

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