Ministerial regulation on workplace safety

The ministerial regulation issued under the Labour Protection Act, 2541 B.E., currently applies to certain types of businesses, such as manufacturer, petrochemical producers, construction companies, and transportation providers, and sets certain standards for occupational health and safety in such businesses.

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19 October 2021

To establish standards for occupational health and safety in compliance with the Occupational Safety, Health and Environment Act, 2554 B.E., the Cabinet has recently approved a draft ministerial regulation proposed by the Ministry of Labour, and has now submitted the draft to the Council of State for consideration.

The draft ministerial regulation does the following:

1. It applies to the types of businesses listed in the annex to the draft, and requires such employers to provide a system for managing workplace safety from the date that it has 50 employees or more. Such employers must also make improvements to the system at least once a year.

2. It requires such employers to prepare documentation showing that the workplace safety system has been established, and to make such documentation available for a safety inspector to check.

3. It sets out further details on the occupational health and environmental safety policy, administrative structure, occupational safety management system, occupational health and environmental safety work plan, implementation of evaluation, as well as on reviewing the work safety management system and implementing improvements to occupational safety and health and the work environment.

This draft ministerial regulation will apply to those types of businesses listed in the annex with 50 or more employees but the current in force defines the types of businesses to which it applies.

Reference: Cabinet Resolution