National Catastrophe Insurance Fund

Following last year’s devastating floods, many business operators and individuals were no longer able to obtain affordable insurance policies which covered flooding and other natural disasters. Consequently, the Government has created the National Catastrophe Insurance Fund (‘NCIF’) to offer insurance coverage against natural disasters.

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However, the policies are limited and come attached to various conditions some of which are subjective.

The NCIF will cover floods, earthquakes and storm damage but in order to qualify for a payout, the catastrophe must fall under one of the following conditions:

1)  The Cabinet has announced the affected area a disaster zone upon the advice of the Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation, Ministry of Interior; or

2)  The total claims made by the insured through NCIF policies exceeds Baht 5 billion; or

3)  An earthquake of magnitude Richter Scale 7 or more; or

4)  A storm with wind speed of at least 120 kilometers per hour.

Coverage and premiums

Insured Person


Premium (per annum)


Up to Baht 100,000 of damage


SMEs *
(up to Baht 50 Million)

Limited to 30% of the insured amount


Industrial Sector *

Limited to 30% of the insured amount


*Note: The NCIF policy is offered as an add-on to either a Fire Insurance or an Industrial All Risks policy.

The NCIF policies are available through participating insurance companies. Please contact the National Catastrophe Fund Hotline 02-290-8899 or

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