New Discrimination Workplace Regulation Launched

A new positive discrimination workplace regulation for disabled workers has been launched. Employers are now obliged to hire disabled workers following the enactment of a new ministerial regulation under the Persons with Disabilities Empowerment Act B.E. 2550.

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The regulation requires the employer to hire one disabled employee for every 100 employees:

1)    A company with 100 employees must employ at least one disabled employee. A second disabled employee must be employed if the company has 151 or more employees;

2)    The number of employees is determined on October 1st every year;

3)    The term ‘employees’ refer to the employees of the company and of its branches located in the same province;

4)    A company that fails to hire the required number of disabled employees must contribute to the ‘Fund for Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities’ for an amount equal to the statutory minimum daily wage multiplied by 365 days for each disabled employee who was required to be hired but was not hired. The contribution must be paid no later than 31 January every year.