New Procedures for Reserving a Company’s Name

The Director-General of the Department of Business Development (“DBD”) has announced an amendment to the regulation for reserving a company’s name effective from 14 January 2013.

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21 January 2013

It is noted that the person who wishes to reserve the company’s name shall now be responsible for checking whether the reserved name is similar in spelling or pronunciation with existing companies. The check can be performed on the DBD website which is used to reserve the company name. The Registrar shall only check the reserved name for the following:

1) The reserved name is contrary to government policy.

2) The reserved name is contrary to public order or morally inappropriate.

3) The reserved name in another language has a different meaning or pronunciation than in Thai language.

The company will be held liable if using a similar company’s name, same spelling or pronunciation to an existing company.

For more information, please visit the Department of Business Development.