Reminder – AGM Process

A limited company must hold an Annual General Meeting (‘AGM’) within 4 months of the fiscal year end in order to consider and approve the audited financial statements and other matters as required by law (such as the rotation of directors) and as stipulated in Articles of Association (‘AoA’) of the company (if any).

Keywords: Annual General Meeting (‘AGM’), Legal, Thailand, Articles of Association

For a company with fiscal year end 31 December 2010, we note that the last date that the company can hold the AGM is 30 April 2011.

In order to arrange the AGM, the company, through the Board of Directors, must issue a notice letter calling the AGM at least 7 days prior to the meeting date (unless otherwise stipulated in the AoA of the company). The notice letter must be published in a local newspaper and sent by registered mail or by hand (acknowledged by signature) to every shareholder whose name appears in the register of shareholders.