BOI Criteria for Hiring Unskilled Labour

The Board of Investment (‘BOI’) has issued an announcement dealing with the employment of unskilled labour by a BOI promoted company in order to alleviate a shortage of operational workers in the industrial sector.

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The main criteria for obtaining permission are as follows:

1. The promoted company must have invested in Thailand for more than 20 years and its total assets must be more than 10 billion Baht as well as having more than 10,000 employees.

2. Any corporate income tax incentives must have expired.

3. Only companies engaged in industrial activities and with a necessity to employ unskilled labour are eligible.

The proportion of unskilled labour employed on a promoted project will be capped at 15% of the project’s total work force.

Should permission be granted by the BOI, the promoted company must also apply for permission from the Labour Department and Immigration Bureau.

It is noted that based on the above criteria, very few companies will even be eligible for this promotion.

For all of the above, specific criteria must be met and certain conditions apply, see

For more details, please read the BOI website.