Work permit for a branch or representative office

Under Ministerial Regulation No. 3, “Service Businesses Which Do Not Require a Foreign Business Licence”, a representative office can now provide services without having to apply for a foreign business licence for its manager. In addition, the Labour Department at the One Stop Service Centre will not accept applications for a Thai work permit for the manager of a representative office or branch office.

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08 March 2019

We have now received an official response in writing stating that a representative office or branch that has obtained a foreign business licence will be exempt from having to apply for Thai work permits for managers.

However, if a new representative office does not have a foreign business licence, it must apply for a Thai work permit for a manager or person responsible for its business operations in Thailand.

In the event that a representative office did not apply for a Thai work permit for a manager who has already extended a long-term visa, the Labour Department will contact the immigration authorities about this issue. A representative office which has already cancelled a work permit for a manager must apply for a new one before extending his visa, or when extending the visa and renewing the work permit of an assistant manager.