Personal Income Tax for Other Income

Individuals that earn income other than salary, for example through deposits, investments, as a sole trader or a landlord are required to file a tax return to declare such incomes and pay any resulting tax liabilities.

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Examples of other taxable incomes include:

  • Royalties
  • Dividends
  • Profit on sale of shares
  • Interest
  • Prizes
  • Service fees
  • Transportation fees
  • Professional service fees
  • Rent

Tax is calculated at the standard personal income tax progressive rates – 0% to 37%.

A deduction from the taxable income for expenses can be either the actual expense incurred, for which supporting documentation must be presented to support the tax return filed, or a standard rate as a percentage of income. The standard allowable rate varies between 0% and 85% depending on the type of income.

Personal allowances such as those for a spouse, children or the purchase of an LTF or RMF can also be deducted from the taxable income when calculating the tax payable.

Income earned on certain types of income will be received by the individual net of withholding tax. The withheld amount is credited back when calculating the tax liability.

It is important to note that taxable income is recognised on a cash basis.

The tax return forms to be filed are:



Deadline for filling

Personal Income Tax Return – Half Year

PND. 94

30 September

Personal Income Tax Return

PND. 90

31 March

Documentation required to support the tax return may include:

  • A copy of the withholding tax certificates issued by the payer of income;Marriage Certificate
  • Birth Certificate (Child)
  • LTF or RMF receipt
  • Life insurance premium receipt
  • Statement of home mortgage interest
  • Details of charitable contributions

In the event of the tax payer being eligible for a refund, the Revenue Department will send a cheque to the individual directly. The individual can track the status of the refund online using the Revenue Department’s electronic filing.

Treatment of income earned overseas.

An individual that is taxed on the same income in more than one jurisdiction may be eligible for a tax credit. Reference must be made to the Double Taxation Agreement between Thailand and those jurisdictions.