No cheques for personal income tax refunds

As set out in Revenue Department Newsletter no. 15/2019 on 2 January 2019, for taxpayers who file personal income tax returns electronically (through or the Smart Tax application) and claim a tax refund for 2018, the Revenue Department will send the tax refund to the taxpayer’s PromptPay account electronically, and will no longer issue cheques.

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07 March 2019

However, the Revenue Department has provided another means for taxpayers to receive refunds. A Thai taxpayer who has not registered for a PromptPay account, or a foreign taxpayer, can present the tax refund notification letter sent by the Revenue Department and identification (ID card for Thais or passport for foreigners) at any Krungthai Bank or Bank of Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives by the date specified in the letter to receive the tax refund.

For more information, please visit the Revenue Department website (in Thai) and the Revenue Department website (in English).