Brochure for Transfer-pricing Services in Thailand

Transfer pricing (TP) is becoming one of the most prominent international tax issues, receiving special attention from national governments, as well as having an increasingly significant impact on the operation of multinational enterprises. It concerns prices charged in related-party transactions, including the internal transfer of tangible goods, intangible property, services, loan financing, and leases. It affects every aspect of cross-border operations, as well as the worldwide tax burden of corporations.

28 November 2016

In Thailand, the government has approved a new TP law, which is expected to take effect soon. Therefore, TP is expected to become one of the main issues that the Thai Revenue Department will focus on.

The aim of this material is not only to present Mazars Thailand’s transfer-pricing services, but also to give some insight into the background of this area. The material deals with the following topics:

  • TP in Thailand
  • Factors that could lead to a TP investigation
  • What companies can do before the TP law comes into effect
  • Our TP services

The publication is available in English. To download the document:

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