Thought Leadership Series

Welcome to our thought leadership series. This series focuses on providing ideas and advice to business leaders for them to grow their businesses in the long run. We will provide insights on the latest trends, issues of concern, and business practices in various industries.

Thought Leadership Series – Laotian K-12 Education Sector

FAS - Laos Education Sector
Education enrolment in Laos has expanded significantly since 1994. However, the quality of education is still limited in scope and availability, and is very much concentrated in the capital city, Vientiane. The Laotian government has begun to reform the educational system with the goal of linking educational development more closely to the socioeconomic situation in each locality, improving science training, expanding networks to remote places, and recruiting minority teachers. The plan is to make education more applicable to daily needs and increase cooperation among various ministries, organizations, and the community in regard to educational activities. This plan can be implemented only if those with the proper experience and capabilities are in place, and with the government’s support.

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Thought Leadership Series: Thai Education Sector

Education Sector_FAS
The education sector is an area that the Thai government is focused on developing and improving. As a result, the Thai government has launched various initiatives related to education. Therefore, this is a good time for investors looking to enter the education sector. However, there are still many challenging factors to consider.

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Thought leadership series: COVID-19 impact on cash flow and business valuation

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The COVID-19 outbreak is posing challenges to businesses due to uncertainty regarding the duration and extent of the pandemic. Thus, long-term effects remain unknown. However, the pandemic is likely to have an impact on cash flow, M&A transactions, and business valuation. This publication will provide insights on several factors that can mitigate these effects and risks, and on preparing one’s organization for further development.

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Insights on Payroll Perspectives in Asia

AOS 4 1600 per 900px.jpg
Jonathan Fryer, Mazars’ Head of Accounting and Payroll Outsourcing Services in Asia-Pacific, was interviewed by Pazaar, our global payroll technology partner. Jonathan was asked to share his insights on payroll perspectives in Asia and to provide advice on how businesses can survive in a disruptive environment.

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Thought Leadership Series: Southeast Asia K-12 Education

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This publication provides an overview of K-12 education in Southeast Asia, highlighting significant trends, key issues, challenges, and opportunities in this market sector that investors should be aware of.

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