Thought leadership series: COVID-19 impact on cash flow and business valuation

The COVID-19 outbreak is posing challenges to businesses due to uncertainty regarding the duration and extent of the pandemic. Thus, long-term effects remain unknown. However, the pandemic is likely to have an impact on cash flow, M&A transactions, and business valuation. This publication will provide insights on several factors that can mitigate these effects and risks, and on preparing one’s organization for further development.

13 April 2020

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Financial Advisory in light of covid-19

Mazars in Thailand has developed a Financial advisory taskforce which can assist your firm in the context of the Covid-19 outbreak and its consequences on your business environment. Whether you are Thailand or international firm active in Thailand, our advisors proposes your tailor-made solutions to support you in the following areas, contributing to the resilience, protection and continuity of your business.

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