Thai Account Pack

In an effort to provide clients with better solutions, Mazars Thailand embraced the use of cloud-based accounting software. Our partner, Jonathan Fryer, recognised that in order to offer the best Xero experience for our clients, then localisation for Thailand is crucial.

We worked with our client, Draycir , an award-winning UK software developer, to develop the Thai Account Pack (TAP). TAP is an application that prepares Thai tax returns and forms that are fully integrated with Xero . TAP was built by accountants who understood the complexities of Thai tax, and wanted to help businesses in reducing the burden of compliance and administrative issues. With TAP, the process of preparing tax returns and forms are more efficient and accurate. 

Key features:

TAP easily handles withholding tax, e-filing, payments vouchers and more. It ensures that your business is working smoother and faster with the Thai tax system, and that it stays compliant with local Thai regulations.

  • Generate withholding tax returns and certificates
  • It is fully integrated with Xero. Data seamlessly flows from Xero to TAP and back again.
  • Manage the VAT on goods and services
  • Submit your tax returns through e-filing
  • Create payment vouchers
  • Automatically record payments and withholding tax deductions in Xero
  • All documents are created in English and Thai.

TAP is an approved Xero add-on and is listed on Xero’s app marketplace .

Our helpdesk provides unlimited Xero and TAP support each month by telephone or email in Thai or English language. 

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Xero Subscription and Helpdesk

Manage your software subscriptions with ease when your purchase Xero and Thai Account Pack (TAP) directly from Mazars, and get access to unlimited support from Mazars to your Thai accounting team.

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