Expert External and Internal Audit Services for Businesses in Thailand

The audit practice provides financial, internal and information technology audit services for both Thailand registered companies and subsidiaries of international companies. Our team comprises Thai qualified CPAs and draws upon the Mazars’ Thailand Partners’ international experience and qualifications.

Our Expertise

Our main areas of service are:

  • Statutory Financial Audits in accordance with Thai Financial Reporting Standards

Using Mazars’ global audit programmes and software designed to ensure acceptable audit risk as well as appropriate and complete audit procedures, our auditors in Thailand conduct an examination of accounting records in accordance with International and Thai generally accepted auditing standards. As a result of the audit, Mazars will often be able to provide value-added observations and recommendations, with a particular focus on improving internal controls.

  • Group Financial Audits in accordance with IFRS, US GAAP and other reporting frameworks

Mazars’ audit professionals are also able to perform Group reporting audits in accordance with IFRS, US GAAP and other reporting frameworks in order to ensure that the Group parent company and Group auditor receive reliable financial information that is prepared on a basis consistent with that of other Group companies.

  • Internal Audits

Mazars designs and runs internal audit programs in conjunction with company management in order to ensure that your business in Thailand has effective internal controls, that records are properly kept and, where applicable, that procedures are in accordance with corporate policy. Mazars also performs audits on management efficiency and on compliance with specific rules and regulations.

  • Information Technology Audits

Mazars recognises the increasing importance of IT in any successful business and our consultants provides a range of services to test, verify and ensure that your IT environment is supporting your businesses’ ambitions.

  • Risk Management

Finding wrong doing in your Company can be a difficult and challenging time, Mazars has experienced consultants ready to assist you with investigating such matters and recommending solutions to current issues and improvements to processes to minimise chances of re-occurrence. We can also provide pro-active advice on governance and controls structures to help minimise the risk of such occurences in advance.

  • Agreed-upon Procedures

The Mazars Thailand audit team has the experience and flexibility to perform a wide range of other ad-hoc assurance/attest engagements for both financial and non-financial information according to management’s determined scope.

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