Regional or global HR functions managing Thai HR and payroll

Managing staff across different countries can be a confusing process. Operations in many countries mean inconsistencies in information and complying with complex local regulations.

Mazars is here to help you manage your HR processes better. We offer a localised solution tailored for businesses of any size. We provide solutions for payroll, claims, leave, time and attendance and more.

Mazars approach

Outstanding customer service with dedicated English-speaking payroll specialists.

Specialist knowledge in handling expatriate payroll, salaries in various currencies, and tax-on-tax calculations (where tax is borne by the employer).

Experts in international mobility, including hypo-tax, shadow payroll, and home country reporting.

Cloud-based service using HReasily.

The opportunity to engage with our tax consultants and lawyers.


Thinking Global?

Our international payroll experts are here to help. Recognised for our global knowledge, we use our unique international structure to provide a full range of payroll services worldwide, to support you and your global business.

Multi-country  payroll managed by one firm on a single cloud-based HRM platform.

Our specialist teams work with multinational  corporations and private clients worldwide.

You can rely on us to ensure that you comply with country regulations and filing deadlines efficiently.

Our unique structure allows us to offer you as little or as much international advice as you need.

Experts in international mobility, including hypotax, shadow payroll, and home country reporting.

We can also help you manage expatriate and secondment requirements worldwide

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