Payroll Outsourcing

At Mazars, we can support you with a comprehensive payroll outsourcing service. Our service provides increased levels of confidentiality, greater efficiencies and enables you to concentrate on your core business. Most importantly, we will ensure that your staff are paid on time.


Our payroll outsourcing service will help you to comply with Thailand’s regulatory requirements and can be tailored to meet your individual company needs. Services provided include:

  • Managing and processing payroll, providing you with a comprehensive computerised payroll service with secured payslips and reports.
  • Preparation of Social Security Fund reports and returns.
  • Preparation of Withholding Tax certificates and returns.
  • Administration of your company’s Provident Fund.

Tax Equalisation / Hypotax

If you have expatriates on your payroll in Thailand, we can provide advice on and management of, any associated tax equalization schemes.

Work Permit and Visa Services

At Mazars, we operate a highly efficient and cost effective work permit and visa processing service which also assists in preserving the confidentiality of payroll and other sensitive areas of your business.