Due Diligence | Mazars | Thailand

Ensuring that the necessary legal due diligence is performed before the acquisition or disposal of a business at the right price in Thailand is often a crucial component of an organisation’s development. We provide commercial M&A transaction services and financial and legal due diligence services to businesses in Thailand. We can work with you on all aspects of the pre- and post-deal transformation. With our business due diligence services, we help to ensure that when you commit to a deal in Thailand, you are doing so on a fully informed basis, thereby minimising the risk of future surprises. We don’t believe in a ‘one size fits all’ approach to our commercial due diligence consulting services. We believe it’s essential to understand the strategic objectives of your transaction and the unique characteristics of your organisation.

At Mazars, we have:

  • A tailored and flexible approach

Our scope of work as a due diligence service provider in Thailand will be adapted to meet your exact needs.

  • High levels of service

Our transaction services teams have advised on a multitude of corporate and financial transactions for clients and institutions both in Thailand and internationally. Mazars’ integrated international structure and our experienced expert teams in Thailand ensure that our clients are fully equipped with the advice they need to make their M&A transactions a success.

  • Identifying and reporting issues

We are able to help address the key factors and risks associated with your deal and to report on the issues that matter, providing you with the assurance you need to make the right investment decision.

Our due diligence processes

It’s important that company and operational due diligence services are started before any detailed analysis of the financials is undertaken.

This way, comfort can be obtained that financial analysis is performed in the right context.