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Mazars is an award-winning Xero partner, an expert in getting the best out of this innovative cloud accounting software in Thailand. When you engage the services of Mazars, they’ll use Xero accounting software to increase the efficiency of your accounting operations and provide you with a streamlined service to handle all the accounting needs of your company.
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We first embraced delivering our accounting services through the cloud back in 2012, and the response from our clients has been overwhelmingly positive. To enable us to deliver the best possible service to our clients and to utilize the full functionality of Xero, all our accountants are required to become Xero certified. At Mazars, we believe in using the latest technology, and that the future of accounting services will be delivered through software like Xero, allowing us to work hand in hand with our clients.

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Xero accounting software has over two million subscribers and is recognised as one of the fastest-growing 'software as service' providers globally.

It is used to provide companies with an efficient way of managing its business, providing 24-hour access to data from anywhere in the world, and streamlining accounting processes so that there is a single source of real-time data.

At Xerocon 2018, Mazars was crowned as Xero’s Regional Partner of the Year – Asia. The annual Xero awards recognise excellence across the bookkeeping and accounting industries, as well as the third-party app developers.

As Mazars is a truly global firm, Xero allows us to work with multi-country engagements and provide services to businesses of every size.

Mazars is proud to be recognised for its pioneering role in promoting Xero accounting software in Thailand. For our clients in Thailand, we offer Xero accounting software subscriptions, making it easier for companies to purchase Xero. With our team of Xero-certified staff and years of experience developing best practice, we are the leading firm in providing Xero training and implementation services.

What is Xero?

Mazars use Xero accounting software to maintain our clients’ accounts. Clients that have adopted Xero as their accounting software in Thailand enjoy increased efficiency, thorough reporting, and easy access to their data.

Xero allows our clients to 

  • access the software anytime, anywhere;
  • manage their business day to day;
  • issue invoices;
  • pay suppliers: and
  • track customer receivables.

Reports can be generated in Xero at any time, thus creating greater transparency in the accounting records.

At Mazars, we have over 135 staff members who are Xero-certified. Being certified provides a guarantee that we are qualified to advise our clients on the best way to set-up and use Xero accounting software.

For more information on the capabilities of Xero accounting software, please visit the Xero website. To receive a personal introduction to the features offered by Xero, contact the Bangkok office of Mazars at your earliest convenience.

Mazars and Omise - How Xero helps us provide our services

Mazars was tasked with helping Omise, a payment gateway provider for the Asia-Pacific region, expand their services into different countries within Asia. A key task of the expansion was to create a solid financial infrastructure before attempting to expand beyond Thailand and Japan, the two countries they served at that time.

Xero accounting software provided a platform that both Omise and Mazars could access 24-hours a day from anywhere in the world. Xero’s cloud-based approach meant that Omise and Mazars could work together on a single, real-time platform that provided up-to-the-minute data. This allowed both companies to manage cash flows and accounts at the group, country and cost-centre level. 

Reasons you'll love Xero

Reasons why we love Xero

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