Notification of foreigners for BOI incentives

As published in the Government Gazette on 23 September 2021, a company receiving BOI incentives must submit a notification of employing foreigners under Section 64/2 of Thai work permit act (Forms Bor Tor 55 and Bor Tor 56) when applying for a digital work permit at the provincial department of employment or the One Stop Service Centre in Bangkok.

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11 November 2021

When terminating a foreigner's employment, the company can submit notice of termination in the e-expert system. This can be done 15 days before the last date of employment, and the BOI will extend the foreigner’s stay for an additional 7 days. Although current law does not require a company receiving BOI incentives to submit a form to terminate the foreigner’s work permit, if the foreigner would like to work in Thailand for another company, the current employer must submit the work permit termination form to the labour authorities so that a record of the termination date can be made. The foreigner will then be allowed to apply for a new work permit under another employer.

Source: The Government Gazette, Volume 138, Special Part 229 Ngor, dated 23 September 2021, on Regulations of the Department of Employment Regarding Notification of Foreigners Working