A message from Managing Partner regarding Covid-19

The COVID-19 situation in Thailand is very volatile, as the outbreak in March 2020 was brought under control quickly, followed by a few months without any local infections, which was then followed by an unexpected outbreak in December 2020. At Mazars, we are fully aware of the current situation and have now implemented our business continuity plan.

4 January 2021

“The safety of our people and our communities is our first priority, whilst continuing to operate our business and meet our clients’ needs in the best way.”

As an organisation, we are committed to following the guidelines set out by global governing bodies and institutions, including the WHO, the Thai government, and other relevant agencies. Therefore, we are constantly monitoring the situation as it continues to evolve to determine how we can best manage things.

  • We aim to operate our business as normally as possible, and to maintain day-to-day operations and client work as much as possible. We also want to support our people while facing potential stress or constraints.
  • Mazars, as a modern firm, is fully supportive of agile working, and we have the technology and capabilities in place to enable our people to work remotely. The ability to work remotely is essential and, our teams are already doing so. We can still conduct online business meetings and online internal discussions, which allows them to limit face-to-face contact.
  • When using online technology, we apply the strictest standards of confidentiality and data protection.
  • We have robust business continuity plans everywhere across our international operations to mitigate the impact of COVID-19. Different situations require different instructions and plans.
  • The situation is changing rapidly, and we continue to monitor developments carefully on a daily basis, ensuring that we continue to be well prepared and can react quickly to new developments.
  • Working from home is actively encouraged to ensure that our staff are protected from the virus.
  • Restrictions have been placed on business-related international travel for all Mazars personnel.
  • Anyone who has been, for more than 15 minutes, within 4.5 metres of someone who has been confirmed to have COVID-19, should self-quarantine for at least 14 days (Thai military guidelines).

As this situation develops, we will take any necessary action in compliance with all relevant regulations and policies. We will do all we can to make our community as safe as possible.