Outsourcing of Non-Core Activities

Rob Hurenkamp, Mazars Managing Director and Jonathan Fryer, Mazars Director of Accounting Outsourcing will present at the Dataconsult Finance Forum on the advantages and limitations of delegating non-core activities to specialist external organizations.

Keywords: Thailand, Outsourcing, Dataconsult, Finance Forum

The forum will take place at The Bangkok Club, 28th Floor, Sathorn City Tower on Thursday, 18 August 2011, 8:30 – 10:00 am.

Outsourcing of non-core activities has become a standard practice in developed countries, but is still in the process of cautious development in Thailand. By practising judicious outsourcing, companies are able to concentrate on their own core areas of expertise, while allocating certain specialist functions to outside providers who may be better able to undertake these more peripheral services, potentially at lower cost than retaining these functions in-house. Such specialist outside organizations may be able to provide better, more efficient service, and keep abreast of the latest relevant technologies.

However cost and efficiency improvement may result in the perception of losing control and also risking shortcomings in security and management responsibility. At the very extreme limits of outsourcing, a company may become a pure coordinator of outside service providers: production can be subcontracted, marketing undertaken by distributors, accounting and personnel functions handled by outside bookkeeping and personnel management providers. The company would then limit its functions to brand and intellectual property ownership, possibly with a research and development function to provide for future expansion and direction. But even the latter may be delegated to contract research organizations.

This forum will discuss internal outsourcing to shared service centers, outsourcing beyond the organization to external shared service centers, outsourcing opportunities for SMEs, and the overall outlook, opportunities and challenges for outsourcing in Thailand.


  • Mr. Rob Hurenkamp, Mazars Thailand Managing Director, Dutch National resident in Thailand since 2007, is responsible for the full operations of Mazars in Thailand, specifically involving audits of multinational corporations and cross-border audits, due diligence reviews and business compliance
  • Mr. Jonathan Fryer, Accounting Director at Mazars Thailand, provides accounting and payroll outsourcing and accounting advisory services at Mazars, and previously served with international accounting companies in the UK, Thailand, Laos and Singapore.

Session Chair:

  • Mr. Christopher F. Bruton, Executive Director, Dataconsult Ltd.

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