Looking for Mazars Student Brand Ambassadors 2018

Mazars is looking for the next generation of student brand ambassadors 2018 at Assumption University (ABAC), Chiang Mai University (CMU), and University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce (UTCC).

02 April 2018

Keywords: Mazars, Thailand, Marketing, Student Brand Ambassadors, ABAC, CMU, UTCC

How do you apply?

If you think you are the perfect candidate to become one of our Brand Ambassadors, then please click here to read more our job description and to send us your CV. 

What do previous brand ambassadors love about their job?

“I have been a Mazars brand ambassador for one year. It has been such a great experience. I did many things that I had never done before, such as coming up with, organizing, and coordinating activities, and learned new things all the time, and was able to improve myself as a result. I am thankful to Mazars for giving me this opportunity."

Thanawin Saisupa (Pleng), Mazars Student Brand Ambassador (CMU) #3

“Being a Student Brand Ambassador has given me some valuable experience. It has helped me learn many things, such as how to be a team player in an organization, how to take an active part in activities, and how to use my creativity. I would like to thank Mazars for giving me the chance to have such a great experience.”

Teerapong Maneewan (Nael), Mazars Student Brand Ambassador (CMU) #3

“Being a Student Brand Ambassador of Mazars gave me a chance to experience a lot of new things, such as shooting a video, and speaking in public. These experiences helped me to develop my language, professional, and communication skills, and also made me a more responsible person. I really appreciate Mazars giving me the opportunity to be a Mazars Student Brand Ambassador. Thank you.”

Manchalee Kaweetreerawat (Mook), Mazars Student Brand Ambassador (ABAC) #4

“As a result of being a Mazars Student Brand Ambassador, I have gained a lot of experience, and it helped me to develop my skills in several ways. I also discovered hidden talents that I never knew I had. I appreciate Mazars giving me this opportunity. This is an experience that I will remember all of my life.”

Chulaluk Payakrith (Eang), Mazars Student Brand Ambassador (ABAC) #4