Looking for Mazars Student Brand Ambassadors 2016

Mazars is looking for the next generation of student brand ambassadors 2016 at Assumption University and Chiang Mai University.

29 March 2016

Keywords: Mazars, Thailand, Marketing, Student Brand Ambassadors, ABAC, CMU

How do you apply?

If you think you are the perfect candidate to become one of our Brand Ambassadors, then please click here to read more our job description and to send us your CV. 

What do previous brand ambassadors love about their job?

Being a Mazars student Brand Ambassador is something that challenged me and helped me to improve myself. I have had the opportunity to practice my English skills by designing and posting Mazars’ activities regarding the university on Instagram in English, as well as to practice dealing with organizational issues. In addition, the position has challenged me to have the courage to communicate with people, and to come up with creative activities to promote Mazars to accounting students. This exceeded my expectations. I also learned to manage my time better, and so much more.

Thank you, Mazars, for offering this opportunity to me. Although this has been just a brief period in my life, it has been such a nice part of my life that I will never forget it.

Songkran Surajai (Kran), Mazars Student Brand Ambassador (CMU) # 2

I really appreciate having the opportunity to be a second generation Mazars Brand Ambassador. I had a lot of great experiences, such as creating special activities at the university, providing news and sharing events with friends, communicating with large firms when organizing activities, and doing other challenging things that I’ve never done before. So, it helped me to improve my communication and English skills. So, don’t miss this opportunity, and come be a part of Mazars, See you soon, the third generation of Mazars Brand Ambassadors!

Tamon Akarachanchaya (Mod), Mazars Student Brand Ambassador (CMU) # 2

I found being a Mazars Brand Ambassador a very good opportunity – it was fun and challenging. I think the experiences and skills I learned from this programme will help me in my future career.

Panichcha Meesitita (Earn), Mazars Student Brand Ambassador (ABAC) # 2

The word ‘Mazars’ was once unfamiliar for me. I never imagined that I would have such a memorable time and such great experiences here. If you want to improve yourself and succeed in life, you have to take action to reach your goal. Fortunately, I met Mazars while at university.

I want to thank Mazars for giving me this opportunity to develop myself. Being a brand ambassador for Mazars was great fun and an unforgettable experience. I learned a lot more about the company, and I really appreciate the treat that I received from senior staff. Also, there are many challenging things that you will usually not face in daily life. All of these are very worthwhile!

Now is your chance, so don't lose it.

Angkhana Phansai (Ang), Mazars Student Brand Ambassador (ABAC) # 2