Annual General Shareholders’ Meeting and E-meetings

In response to COVID-19, regulations on various matters, including meetings, were changed. Our customizable corporate service packages ensure that online meetings comply with the law.

Annual General Shareholders’ Meeting

At an Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Shareholders, the directors of a company present information on the company's financial performance and shareholders vote on company issues and the selection of the company's board of directors. An AGM is a mandatory legal requirement, important for transparency, its ability to include shareholders, as well as holding management accountable.

Mazars has provided this service including:

Scope of services

  • Preparing minutes of the annual shareholders’ meeting to approve the audited financial statements and other necessary matters, as required by law, in both Thai and English
  • Publishing notice of the meeting in a newspaper and preparing the notice as a PDF file for delivering the notice by hand
  • Filing the list of shareholders online
  • Filing the financial statements online


The coronavirus outbreak has moved traditional meeting to the digital environment. The government allows a company to hold online meetings, so a company can also hold the Board of Directors and/or the Shareholders’ meetings online. We can help companies with arranging e-meetings.

Scope of services

  • Preparing and electronically sending an invitation to all directors and/or shareholders (the email addresses of the attendees are required)
  • Attending the meeting as a facilitator
  • Verifying that a quorum has been formed for the Board of Directors and/or the Shareholders’ Meeting
  • Make visual and audio recordings of all attendees for the entire meeting.

For more information, please contact our legal team.