Export Your Talent - MOVE Programme Testimonial

Ochit Ponnikorn, one of our marketing officers, recently participated in the Mazars Opportunity for Valuable Exchange (MOVE) programme, going to the Mazars office in Bratislava, Slovakia, for three months. The MOVE programme is an international mobility benefit offered to Mazars employees.

“Participating in the MOVE programme was truly a valuable experience, as the name of the programme states.”

I decided to go to Mazars Slovakia to work as a marketing specialist in the Bratislava office for three months. I learned several new things. I had an opportunity to work on various tasks, to get new ideas, and to exchange knowledge and skills with Mazarians in Slovakia. Adapting to work in an Eastern European culture and environment, which is totally different from Asian culture, was challenging, but was a useful work experience. It gave me many valuable lessons, which helped me to develop not only my skills and knowledge for my career, but gave me opportunities for self-improvement in my personal life as well.

What benefits does the MOVE programme offer?

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Why should Mazarians apply to participate in this programme?

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This programme is one of the greatest benefits that Mazars offers. Do not hesitate to work with Mazars for an opportunity to join the MOVE programme. 

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