IT audit services

Navigate technology risks effectively. Understand and manage both internal and external tech-related risks with our expert insights.

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Information Technology plays an increasingly fundamental role in successful business operations, whilst also presenting challenges regarding confidentiality of information, access control and disaster recovery. Mazars Thailand has a team of specialists available to perform reviews and audits of your Information Technology systems, controls and processes to ensure the effectiveness, security and reliability of these systems are meeting your businesses’ needs.

Are your IT systems putting your organisation and business at risk?

Technology is one of the most significant areas for investment for any business. As companies become increasingly dependent on complex systems to run every part of their operations, the less transparent those systems and the information they contain can appear to be. Such complexity combined with the ever-increasing pace of IT system development, means that the management of IT systems and their associated risks is central to any organisation’s growth or decline.

Having the appropriate processes and controls in place is critical to the availability and effectiveness of IT systems, data confidentiality and the integrity of management and financial information.

Mazars offers tailored solutions to meet your needs

At Mazars we recognise that all companies are different, face varying challenges and have their own areas of priority concern. Accordingly, we offer a range of IT audit services to suit your specific requirements and budget.

IT systems review:

Using our internally developed IT tool, we visit your company and through observation and interviews with key IT and other staff prepare a report of potential deficiencies in your IT environment with recommendations on how to address these. 

Targeted IT system audit:

Through discussion with company management and focus on your specific areas of concern and risk factors, we can prepare a completely bespoke IT project plan to assist your company in managing your IT risks.

Full IT system audit:

Our fullest scope IT service, this project covers a full review of your IT systems including a mapping flowchart, testing and walkthrough of key controls. Our final report includes comprehensive feedback on your IT environment including a full IT risk matrix and appropriate recommendations.

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