Business challenges – Why outsourcing matters?

In today’s business, the new normal and unpredictable circumstances have forced companies around the world to re-evaluate and rethink their core business models. The increase in compliance requirements and regulations is also a major concern for businesses. Minor mistakes can lead to a major collapse in an organization. To help companies avoid risks and make a strategic business assessment, our articles on business challenges highlight why outsourcing matters and why outsourcing is key to dealing with cost challenges, improving processes, and accessing experienced outsourced accounting and payroll experts.
Business Challenges – The New Normal

Business challenges – The new normal

With Covid-19 now fading into the background in most Western countries and coming under control elsewhere around the world, the focus of many business owners, CEOs and CFOs is shifting to how can they transform their finance operations and capabilities. One key area of interest is payroll, where increased flexibility, accuracy, confidentiality, and control by a centralized team with global reach helps decision-makers reach their profitability goals.

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Business challenges – Balancing payroll requirements

For many of today’s business owners, outsourcing payroll is viewed as an affordable, secure and time-saving option. Whereas the thought of calculating wages, paying employees, filing tax returns, and performing various other account-related duties may give some people a headache, one misplaced decimal point or an incorrect tax filing can lead to a full-on migraine or worse some form of corporate financial penalty.

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Business Challenges – Balancing Payroll Requirements
Mazars payroll flash news - April 2022

Business challenges – Corporate payroll outsourcing service

Once you’ve made the decision to go down the payroll outsourcing route, you can rest assured that tackling your monthly payroll management task is taken completely out of your hands. This means calculating how much staff are due to be paid (both local and expatriate), including complex statutory payments, commissions, travel expenditure, overtime, Social Security Fund (SSF) contributions as well as sickness payments, and more is done for you.

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