Junki Hashimoto Japan Desk Manager - Bangkok

Junki Hashimoto

Junki has started his career at The Hokkoku Bank, Ltd., a regional bank in Japan in 2016, after graduating from the Faculty of Economics, Yokohama National University. After working as a corporate sales representative in corporate finance, he worked in the Overseas Business Strategy Department, providing consulting services in international finance and overseas expansion support. In 2021, he was seconded to Mazars in Thailand, where he has been working as a Japan Desk Manager supporting Japanese companies in Thailand and developing new clients.

2016年横浜国立大学経済学部卒業。北國銀行入行(本店:石川県金沢市)。法人営業にて企業財務に従事した後、海外ビジネス戦略部にて国際財務、海外進出支援の業務を経験。2021年よりMazars in Thailandへ出向。Japan Desk Managerに着任し、タイ進出日系企業のサポートと新規顧客開拓を行っている。