The ASEAN Coordinating Committee on Services (CCS), which meets every 3 to 4 months, held its 86th session in Indonesia from 30 January through 4 February 2017 to discuss the ASEAN Mutual Recognition Arrangement (MRA) for professions such as engineers, architects, and doctors, among others.

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18 April 2017

The ASEAN Chartered Professional Accountant Coordinating Committee (ACPACC) also met on 1 February 2017, with representatives of the Thai Federation of Accounting Professions, including Khun Vilai Chanthatrassamee, Secretary General of the FAP, and representatives from the Department of Business Development.

The ACPACC also held a meeting of representative of the Monitoring Committee of each member state to set operational guidelines for complying with the MRA, including the qualifications and the registration of professional accountants. This meeting discussed the following topics:

1. Approving the ACPACC rules which set out details on the registration and preparation of the ASEAN CPA website 

2. Reviewing the list of regulated and unregulated services across ASEAN.

3. Discussing the qualifications and method of registration for ASEAN CPAs in Thailand and Singapore that have been approved by the member state as set out in the Assessment Statement*. As a result, Thailand and Singapore are ready to open registers of ASEAN CPAs. 

4. Registering ASEAN CPA candidates from each country, which have to be approved by the Secretary of ACPACC. ACPACC will issue an ASEAN CPA certificate to those who are approved for registration.

5. Announcing any updates on these topics. The FAP will make any such announcements to Thailand.

 *The Assessment Statement is about how to qualify for registration as an ASEAN CPA.