The FAP elected a new president and management team in June 2017. Furthermore, it has issued certain policies that will be of benefit to accounting professionals and FAP members.

Keywords: Mazars, Thailand, Accounting, FAP, CPA, TFRS, SMEs

10 August 2017

These policies are as follows:

1. The FAP revise the regulations for membership fees, which will be lowered and from 500 baht to 300 baht a year.

2. It will review and decrease training fees, and offer low-cost accounting and auditing courses (for 599 baht).

3. The FAP will begin clinical accounting and auditing training to provide practical advice to accounting professionals.

4. It will lower CPA subscription fees.

In addition, the FAP agreed to reconsider an exposure draft of TFRS for SMEs to make these accounting standards for business clearer and more transparent.

For more information, please read the FAP newsletter of July 2017.