Convergence of TAS with IFRS - Update

A summary of the changes to Thai Accounting Standards (‘TAS’) and Thai Financial Reporting Standards (‘TFRS’) has been issued by the Federation of Accounting Professions (‘FAP’).

Keywords: IFRS, TAS, Thailand, Federation of Accounting Professions, Stock Exchange of Thailand

  • TAS must be in line with guidelines set by IFRS.
  • At the end of 2005, FAP agreed with the SEC to revise current TAS to be in compliance with IFRS by:
    • issuing new TAS and interpretations; and
    • revising the existing TAS to be in compliance with IFRS.
  • The FAP are in the process of preparing TAS and TFRS in line with IFRS Bound Volume 2009 (revised 2008) and cancelling any existing TAS which are being replaced.
  • TAS and TFRS referred in no. 3 have an effective date commencing 1 January 2011 for publicly accountable entities (see below).
  • Some TAS and TFRS (for example IAS 32, 39 and IFRS 7) which are difficult in substance will be effective commencing 1 January 2013.

The definition of Publicly Accountable Entities is:

  • Entities that have their equity securities and debt securities publicly traded.
  • Entities that have to submit their financial statements to SEC, SET or other government units for the reason of publication of their marketable securities.
  • Entities that are governed by specific legislation, like Banks, Insurance, Securities, mutual funds and other financial institutions.
  • Public companies.