The Monitoring Board work plan

On 30 April 2018 the Monitoring Board, a body composed of market regulators in jurisdictions requiring or authorising the use of IFRSs and charged with oversight of the IFRS Foundation, published its 2018-2019 work plan.

Keywords: Mazars, Thailand, IFRS, IASB

21 June 2018

This plan encompasses two key areas:

  • reviewing the oversight of the IASB’s activities, conducted by the Trustees of the IFRS Foundation. This area includes continuing the Monitoring Board’s dialogue with the Trustees on accounting matters of broad public interest, such as the impact and consistent implementation of the accounting standards that come into force this year and over the next few years (IFRS 9, IFRS 15, IFRS 16 and IFRS 17).
  • monitoring and conferring with the Trustees of the IFRS Foundation. The subjects envisaged here include:
    • governance of the IFRS Foundation (strengthening the governance framework, in particular with respect to conflicts of interest; follow-up of the IFRS Reputation Research Report; the Trustees’ review of the operational risks to which the IFRS Foundation is exposed, including the development of evaluation metrics and key performance indicators).
    • the funding of the organisation, and
    • the nomination of Trustees, including the Chair, whose mandate has expired.

The Monitoring Board work plan can be consulted at the IFRS website