Amendment of Qualifications, Criteria and Conditions for LTR Visa

On 16 March 2023, the Office of Board of Investment announced the Announcement No. Por. 6/2023 regarding the amendment of Qualifications, Criteria and Conditions for a special long-term residence visa (“LTR Visa”) under a measure to stimulate the economy and investment by attracting the foreigner with high-potential

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2 June 2023 

The new announcement has amended the previous announcement and requires the foreigner to provide a contract of employment or services with a domestic or foreign enterprise with an assignment to work in Thailand; or provide evidence of employment with higher educational or research institutes, specialized training institutes, or public agencies in Thailand to work for the new target industries in the application process. 

The targeted industries are as follows: 

  1. Automotive  
  2. Electronics  
  3. Affluent tourism industry 
  4. Agricultural, food and biotechnology  
  5. Automation and robotics  
  6. Aviation, aerospace and space industry 
  7. Biofuels and bio-chemical  
  8. Digital  
  9. Medical  
  10. Defense  
  11. Circular economy 
  12. Transportation and logistics  
  13. Petrochemical and chemical  
  14. International Business Center (IBC) 
  15. Other industries operated by foreigners: 
  • Research and development in targeted industries or technologies, such as biotechnology, nanotechnology, advanced material technology, digital technology; 
  • Human resource development in science and technology at vocational or higher education levels; 
  • AI technology, automation, and robotics in business operations; 
  • Digital planning and development systems to enhance business production and services; 
  • Financial or marketing analyst or consulting services; 
  • Environmental and energy management; 
  • Management or advisory of incubation programs, acceleration programs, innovation and startup ecosystems; 
  • Alternative dispute resolution services; or 
  • Promotion and support of economic development, trade, and investment by Foreign Chambers of Commerce and organizations promoting trade and investment from foreign countries. 

In comparison with the previous announcement, the Office of Board of Investment added two new industries i.e. Petrochemical and chemical and the International Business Center (“IBC”) into the new target industries and provided more clarification on the scope of the Other industries under item 15.i to ix. 


BOI Announcement no. Por 2/2565  

BOI Announcement no. Por 6/2566