BOI investment incentives for the EEC expanded

The Board of Investment recently extended the following policies on investment incentives for the Eastern Economic Corridor (“the EEC”), effective from 1 January 2018 to 30 December 2019.

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18 December 2017

It also amended its policies for applicants which must cooperate with educational institutes, research institutes, or centres of excellence, in order to increase private investment and boost the productivity of human resources in target industries focused on the EEC:

1. Investment in the EEC zone at U-Tapao airport, the Eastern Economic Corridor of Innovation (EECI), and Digital Park Thailand (EECD) – an exemption from corporate income tax for an additional 2 years (for a total of more than 8 years) and a 50% corporate income tax reduction for 5 years.

2. Investment in target industries*, focus on utilizing the special area of the IEAT – a 50% corporate income tax reduction for an additional 5 years after tax holiday.

3. Investment in the IEAT or in an industrial zone in the EEC – a 50% corporate income tax reduction for an additional 3 years after tax holiday.

*target industries

▪ Next –Generation Automotive

▪ Smart Electronics

▪ Affluent, Medical and Wellness Tourism

▪ Agriculture and Biotechnology

▪ Food for the Future

▪ Automation & Robotics

▪ Aviation and Logistics

▪ Biochemicals and Eco-friendly Petrochemical

▪ Digital

▪ Medical Hub 

For more information, please read a press release issued by BOI  and BOI brochure