BOI measures for attracting investment

The Board of Investment (BOI) passed resolutions on 30 June 2021 to attract more investment in electronic and innovative industries, research and development, and human resources, as follows:

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16 August 2021

  • Electronic industry – Offer more tax incentives to the following business activities under specific conditions, such as the size of investment:
  1. Manufacturing electronic wafers
  2. Manufacturing semiconductors and semiconductor parts
  3. Manufacturing multilayer or flexible printed circuit boards
  4. Manufacturing printed circuit board assemblies
  • Packaging industry – Add smart packaging as one of the business projects eligible for BOI incentives, such as the 8-year tax holiday. 

Smart packaging is the development of packages by applying technology to improve quality and environmental sustainability.

  • Digital industry – Combine the various types of business activities in the software, digital, and e-commerce categories into a single type, such as, “the development of software and platforms for digital services and content” to cover a variety of digital businesses and offer an exemption from corporate income tax for up to 8 years under specific conditions, such as hiring IT personnel or obtaining an IT certificate (Capability Maturity Model Integration, level 2).
  • International Business Center (IBC) and Trade and Investment Support Office (TISO) – Extend the scope of business activities under the International Business Center (IBC) and Trade and Investment Support Office (TISO) to allow IBCs and TISOs to provide loans to affiliated companies in order to be more flexible when doing business with affiliates both in and outside of Thailand.
  • Merit-based incentives – Offer more merit-based incentives to eligible projects with the following types of investment and expenses:

Types of Investment/Expenses

Merit-based incentives

Research and development

Exemption from corporate income tax for an additional 5 years without limitation.

Training or internship program regarding technological development and innovation for science and technology students

Exemption from corporate income tax of twice the amount of the investment or expenses.

The BOI will issue notifications providing more details about these measures later.

Reference: Board of investment