Certain Activities No Longer Considered as “Work”

Following the launch of the IHQ and ITC scheme to promote Thailand as a center of trade and investment in this region, the Department of Employment (‘DoE’) has announced certain activities to be no longer considered as “work”.

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20 April 2015

Under this announcement, the expatriates entering into Thailand for a short period to carry out the activities relating to the trade and investment as prescribed below shall not be deemed as “work” and are not required to obtain a work permit.

1. Attending a meeting or seminar

2. Attending an exhibition or trade fair

3. Visiting a business or engaging in business negotiations

4. Attending special or academic lectures

5. Attending technical training or seminars

6. Purchase of goods at a trade fair

7. Attending a meeting of Directors of his/her own company

We note that the DoE does not mention the length of stay for carrying out the above activities without a work permit and it does not clear whether there is any evidence required to prove that the expatriate is attending activities.

For more information, please read the announcement of DoE (in Thai).