DBD E-certificate File

The Department of Business Development (“DBD”) has introduced a new type of e-service for the public to access the information on the registration certificate of a legal entity without having to visit the DBD’s offices, in order to reduce travel costs and time spent.

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30 August 2018

It is important to note the following in regard to the DBD e-certificate file:

1. Downloading the DBD e-certificate file from the DBD’s system can only be done once.

2. The correctness of the information in the DBD e-certificate file can be checked on the official website of the DBD. The QR code and reference number shown in the DBD e-certificate file will only be valid for 1 month from the issue date.

3. The e-certificate file digitally signed by the DBD’s registrar is considered the original document. Any printed version of it will be considered a photocopy.

The DBD e-certificate file service became available for the public to use from 15 August 2018 for the following types of legal entities and information:

  • Types of legal entities that can enter their information in e-certificate file format:

1. Registered Ordinary partnership

2. Limited partnership

3. Limited company

4. Public limited company

  • Type of information that can be entered through the e-certificate file service:

1. Name of partner and amount of capital invested/name of director

2. Name of managing partner/authorization of director

3. Limitations on the authorization of a managing partner/registered capital/registered capital and paid-up capital

4. The registered office address

5. Business objectives

For more information, please visit the DBD website and read DBD e-Certificate File.