Requirements to Register a Van

From 23 March 2015, when registering a ‘private car’ (in effect a van) with between 8 and 12 seats, he or she must now meet the certain requirements.

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11 May 2015

1. Financially stable

The van owner must submit evidence in support, including: personal income tax returns and bank statements.

2. No history of driving offences for at least three years before the van registration.

3. Have a car parking space at least 35 square metres per van. The following documents shall be submitted with the Department of Land Transportation (‘DLT’):

i. Map / photos presenting the van parking space and parking entrance / exit; and

ii. Title deeds of the van parking space.

4. Receive approval from the Director-General of the DLT when registering the van.

The van owner shall submit the application to register the van, along with the supporting documents to the DLT. After submitting the complete set of documents, the officer will inspect the van parking space, financial status and perform background checks for previous driving offences.

For more information, please visit the Department of Land Transportation website.