APAC payroll newsletter 2023 Vol.3

As the new fiscal year has recently begun, our APAC payroll newsletter helps to provide important updates on upcoming changes and amendments to payroll regulations for the 2023 year to ensure payroll compliance across APAC.

9 August 2023

Key highlights:

  • Australia
    • 2023-24 Federal Budget tax & superannuation brief
    • Victorian Budget – Tax hikes and tax reform
    • National Minimum Wage and Modern Award rates increase announced
    • Stay ahead of the curve: Embrace changes to flexible work and unpaid parental leave disputes
    • Immediate action required: Changes to employer superannuation rate
    • Solutions to workplace health challenges
  • China
    • Individual income final settlement for 2022
  • Indonesia
    • New tax rule on benefits-in-kinds
  • Korea
    • Adjustment in National Pension base salary
    • Minimum wage in 2024
  • Malaysia
    • Income tax for resident individual
    • New minimum wage
  • Taiwan
    • Temporary relief for Taiwanese citizens abroad: NHI re-enrolment extended amid pandemic disruptions
  • Thailand
    • Employers encouraged to facilitate voting by employees
  • Vietnam
    • Personal information of employees is data which must be protected
    • Tax Identification number (“ID”)
    • Changes to basic salary and insurance contributions
    • Calculation of compulsory insurance contribution for foreign currency labour contracts
    • Guidance on personal income tax ("PIT")


APAC payroll newsletter 2023 Vol.3