Claiming tax deductions for SSF and RMF investments

Taxpayers who would like to claim personal income tax deductions for investments in Super Saving Funds (“SSF”) or Retirement Mutual Funds (“RMF”) made from 1 January 2022 onwards must file a claim for a tax deduction with the asset management company by 31 December 2022. If taxpayers do not do this, they will not be allowed to claim a tax deduction for such investments.

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7 November 2022

Asset management companies which receive a claim for a tax deduction will then submit the information provided by the taxpayer to the Revenue Department.

As of 27 October, tax deduction claim forms have been provided by the following asset management companies:

For investments in SSFs or RMFs made before 1 January 2022, taxpayers must submit an investment certificate from the asset management company at the Revenue Department’s request. 

Taxpayers should contact their asset management company directly for more information.