Additional tax deduction for the purchase of antigen test kits

On 14 September 2021, the Cabinet approved a draft Royal Decree under the Revenue Code relating to tax measures to support the purchase of COVID-19 test kits (antigen test kits), as proposed by the Ministry of Finance.

Keywords: Mazars, Thailand, Tax, Antigen test kits, COVID-19, Revenue Code, Ministry of Public Health

11 October 2021

Under the draft Royal Decree, a company or legal partnership can claim a tax deduction of 1.5 times (1 time as a normal deduction and 0.5 times as an additional deduction) the price for the purchase of COVID-19 test kits (antigen test kits) for its employees. This is to support business operators procuring COVID-19 test kits (antigen test kits) that meet the safety standards prescribed by the Ministry of Public Health for regular testing of their employees. 

This shall be effective from the date of approval by the Cabinet until 31 March 2022.