Donations that Cannot be Deducted from Income Tax

An additional income tax deduction of 50% (over and above the 100% deduction previously allowed) will now be granted to any person that donates money or goods to any company, juristic partnership or juristic person who acts as an agent for the distribution of donated goods and money to victims of natural disasters during the period 1 September 2011 to 31 December 2011.

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An income tax deduction of 150% of the actual amount will now be allowed as long as the total claim does not exceed:

  • For individual taxpayers: 10% of taxable income after deducting any other allowances or deductions
  • For corporate taxpayers: 2% of net taxable income

The above percentages (10% and 2% respectively) apply to the total claim for gifts or donations including those made to other charitable institutions.

Revenue Department announcement: